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1961 CL77 Scrambler

1961 CL77 - Jim Barr

Jim Barr, Maybrook, N.Y., 1963        

Here is one of the best Scrambler pictures I've seen! There's: action, drama, focus, juxtaposition... You'd think the background could be an add-on, but it's real.

Jim Barr, pictured here taking an impossible turn on the grounds of Maybrook, N.Y., reports:

"Here is how it was done in 1963:  AMA sanctioned Scrambles Races were alternately scheduled every summer Sunday, rain or shine, at Maybrook N.Y., Fishkill N.Y., Millerton N.Y. and several other local scrambles tracks. An AMA license and $5 was all it cost to race. No experience necessary for amateurs!

I scrambled a '61 CL77 in 1963. The only mod was a 50 tooth rear sprocket which was perfect for the short scrambles tracks. I raced in the 500 class and the Honda was more than a match for the Gold Stars I competed with, although as a new amateur the best I ever did was a 2nd place."

Nothing "2nd place" about it. This is a First Rate Vintage Photo!

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