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      Ed Moore's Special Tuning Recipe


Ed Moore says:

This is the way I tune my engines after much listening to others and reading of other folks information. I'm not Mr. Honda the engine designer. Just a feller with information I have gathered and wish to pass on to those that can use it. .........emo

PS This process figures you will start at the beginning. As though you just reassembled the engine. "Read and understand process before you start". Makes process easier!!!!!!

Are you looking for a way to perform the ultimate tune-up on your CB72/77, CP77 SuperHawk or CL72/77 Scrambler Type I (180, dual points) motors? Ed Moore - always more than generous with help and good advice - has devised a special set of instructions to produce a better tuned motor. On behalf of everyone who will have a better running machine, many thanks, EMO!!!


Tools Required:

  • .014 feeler gauge (to set right side points)
  • Spark plug wrench
  • Large vise grip pliers (to put on the bolt head at the rotor so engine crank will be able to be moved back and forth) The crank will go "OVER CENTER" if you use wrenches!!!!!!!!
  • Phillips screwdriver (plate and cover screws)
  • Flat head screwdriver (points screws)
  • 12 volt light with one foot long wires and alligator clips on the end (to see exactly when the points open) NOT A TIMING LIGHT!!!!!!!


  1. Remove point and rotor covers.
    Clean both sets of points. MAKE SURE THEY ARE CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Install new spark plugs.
  3. Turn carb slide adjuster screws out enough for the slides to bottom out on the carb.
  4. Adjust air screws to 1 1/8 open from bottom. Will readjust when engine is hot!!!!!
  5. CB72/77 - Remove the air intake tubes and put middle finger in left carb and thumb in the right carb.
    CL72/77 - Remove the tool can and put middle finger in left carb and thumb in the right carb.
  6. Move throttle handle and if both slides don't move at "exactly the same time" adjust the screws on the top of the carbs so they do. Be sure to have at least 1/8 inch slack in the throttle handle.
  7. Set "R" points to .014. Tighten the screws. (you are through with them!
  8. Put alligator clips on the "R" points and engine case. Put bulb behind the left carb. BRIGHT YOU KNOW!
  9. Turn key to "ON".
  10. Turn crank with Vise Grips so "F" is in line with pointer at rotor area. (The mark on point cam should be down. If it is up. Crank engine 360 degrees.)
  11. Loosen points plate.
  12. Hold crank somehow at "F" to marker and adjust PLATE so light JUST comes on at "F".
  13. Tighten plate. Check opening now by moving pliers forward then back. If light comes on other than at "F". Adjust plate until it does when the plate is tightened. May require a couple of adjustments. You are through with the plate.
  14. Move alligator clip to "L" points.
  15. Move crank 180 degrees.
  16. Loosen "L" points and adjust until light just comes on at "LF".
  17. Tighten and check by moving crank back and forth. Readjust if needed.

When both points are adjusted:

  1. Turn off key switch.
  2. Remove tools and turn slide screws in a couple of turns.
  3. Choke lever to 3/4 closed.
  4. Turn gas lever on. WAIT!
  5. Engine in "NEUTRAL"
  6. Key "ON".
  7. CB72/77 - Push starter button.
    CL72/77 - Kick start the motor.
  8. Engine will fire and run somewhat.
  9. Run until you can OPEN the choke all the way.
  10. Adjust slide screws to even cylinder speeds.
  11. When engine is hot adjust slide screws so engine idles at around 800 RPM.
  12. Adjust air screws. 1 1/4 turn max here. Usually open a small amount to smooth idle. Never more than 1 1/2 turns open from bottom total. May need to open slide screws after this to lower RPM.
  13. Install the air tubes and go ride.

Final note:

If the points are new. You will find they WEAR IN to the point cam and will need to be adjusted a couple of times until they are WORN IN.

Seems like a lot but not really because it works.


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