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CB77: Killer Stoppie

Photo by Brent Hensley

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We love our old Honda bikes, but, let's face it, we would love them a whole lot more if they were not only good looking, but could also improve our financial standing. Hold on: are we still talking about bikes? Anyway, people really are curious about the value of their old Hondas and I get a lot of email seeking my opinion about the value of a given bike.

While I am flattered that people regard me as someone who might know, I should confess that I only have a general understanding about these matters. I am not any more of an authority on the values of these bikes than many others who comprise our hobby. As always, we can comfort ourselves with the old "whatever the market will bear" approach, but there is an effort under way which will give a more scientific underpinning to the value question: The VJ Survey.

The VJ Survey, in progress on this web site, right now, has been bringing in very informative data on many Vintage Honda topics, amongst which the "value" is one. We are getting an interesting glimpse into such topics as what people are paying for these bikes, how much they are spending to restore them and, finally, how much they think they are worth. By using the VJ Survey, we are building a quantifiable consensus on the question of value.

So, how can you get your hands on this (value) data? Since the effort is relatively new, I am not yet convinced that we have a truly representative sample, based on the number of entries received so far. However, I expect that by Spring of 2002 the database will be sufficiently large to draw some value conclusions. Meanwhile, we are compiling other metrics on these bikes. Those results are available to people who have contributed to the survey. Please check the VJ Survey FAQ to see how you can receive the information already available and more, as it becomes available in the future.

As always, please check back, from time to time, for expected web site updates.         


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