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CL77 Exhaust repair?

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GregMcN Member
Posts: 236
Joined: Tue Jul 04, 2017 3:34 pm
Location: Richmond, North Yorkshire, UK

CL77 Exhaust repair?

Post by GregMcN » Sun Jun 07, 2020 1:51 pm

Although I did not think the exhausts on my CL77 were too bad, on removal I have found some problems and I am wondering if there are any options for repair.
The RH exhaust looks to be double skinned whereas the LH appears to be single skin construction and it is this one which has the problems. Firstly there are a couple of dents underneath - see picture.
Is there any way of removing these or filling that would allow rechroming?

Secondly the mounting flange is a bit of a mess. It is very rough, there is some welding and a larger hole in one side of the mounting flange to allow it to fit.
Any thoughts on how this could be improved, repaired?

I assume nobody is making replacement exhausts for the CL77, I have not seen any?

zebedee150 Member
Posts: 6
Joined: Fri May 13, 2016 3:33 pm
Location: Devon England

Re: CL77 Exhaust repair?

Post by zebedee150 » Wed Jun 24, 2020 8:25 am

Hi Greg. Pm sent regarding your Cl exhausts. Jeff

Deltablues Member
Posts: 12
Joined: Mon May 18, 2015 12:45 pm
Location: Banbury, UK

Re: CL77 Exhaust repair?

Post by Deltablues » Wed Jun 24, 2020 5:09 pm

Be interested if you could get those repaired, mine aren't quite as dented as yours but still bad enough to need some work
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