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Glad to See

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gbc Member
Posts: 18
Joined: Tue Mar 05, 2019 7:06 am
Location: Virginia

Glad to See

Post by gbc » Fri Jan 31, 2020 7:59 am

Nice to see this site coming back to life. I have always been able to gleem great ideas and advice from the very knowledgeable members here. I am enjoying my 1967 305 CL77 that I returned back from dead and currently breathing life back into a 73 CL450. I am a sucker for high pipes.......

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Michael Stoic Member
Posts: 240
Joined: Fri Mar 07, 2003 1:35 am
Location: Boston | USA

Re: Glad to See

Post by Michael Stoic » Fri Jan 31, 2020 9:34 am

...the online technology is finally cooperating...

I am glad to see the veteran members and new friends putting the resources to good use!


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Muddy Member
Posts: 201
Joined: Wed Mar 30, 2011 11:03 pm
Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Re: Glad to See

Post by Muddy » Fri Jan 31, 2020 3:37 pm

I agree Michael.

We also appreciate you support in the resurrection of the site.



'64 C72

Geoff Hastings Member
Posts: 244
Joined: Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:59 pm
Location: Epsom, Surrey

Re: Glad to See

Post by Geoff Hastings » Mon Apr 20, 2020 2:34 pm

Hi guys, I'm sorry to say that I've not visited the forum for ages, and I'm also glad to see its still up and running. It had got to become a feat of endurance to wade through all the spam.
Meanwhile I've been buzzing around on my CA77 and apart from a slight blue haze from the right cylinder it runs sweet as. Like everyone,I've found myself with too much time on my hands and having tidied the garage, rebuilt a CB750K5,fixed my compressor leak, sorted my tig welder and even renewed that taped up cable on the angle grinder. I have reluctantly decided to swop engines on my CA77.
I'd bought an engine on eBay a while ago for spares but,having stripped it,found it to be low mileage but with rusty bores having been left outdoors. Anyway, the plan was to swop them over sometime in the distant future but as I can't ride it I might as well swop the units over. Stay safe out there guys.

stratone Member
Posts: 30
Joined: Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:41 pm
Location: Tacoma, WA

Re: Glad to See

Post by stratone » Wed Aug 05, 2020 9:29 pm

I haven't been on here for a few years! Was totally shocked to see it's alive and well. Still have the CL, just un mothballed it, runs great thanks to the kind folks here. Kinda took a left turn and have been acquiring early Yamaha twins ( DS-7, R-5). Shout out to Ed...........................D

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brewsky Member
Posts: 1797
Joined: Wed Jul 23, 2008 5:21 am
Location: Princeton, WV

Re: Glad to See

Post by brewsky » Thu Aug 06, 2020 10:58 am

I wouldn't mind getting a hold of a YM1 myself.......A friend use to "smoke" me on my superhawk with his....although he did spent quite a bit of time changing plugs!

After chucking a set of like new CL 450 pipes in the dumpster in 1971 or so in favor of underslung TT pipes, I am now a fan of the high pipes!

Good to see the site up and running without the previous problems.
66 dream, 78 cb750k, 02fz1, 09 wing

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