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1965 yetman cb72 racer project

CYP77 - Police | Race Bikes | Choppers, Bobbers and Mods
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cmineo Member
Posts: 126
Joined: Sat Oct 11, 2014 7:04 am
Location: lehigh valley pa

1965 yetman cb72 racer project

Post by cmineo » Thu Mar 09, 2017 4:38 pm

is there a diagram or instruction sheet in how to properly install an external oil cooler on a cb72 or cb77 racer? the project I just picked up is missing the oil cooler in the picture below
yetman bw.jpg
yetman bw.jpg (300.58 KiB) Viewed 2135 times

Numwantida Member
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Joined: Wed May 23, 2018 3:35 am

Post by Numwantida » Wed May 23, 2018 3:40 am

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