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Mirror extenders.

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DJM Member
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Mirror extenders.

Post by DJM » Sat Jun 30, 2018 3:29 pm

One of the few problems with a standard CB72 or 77 is the restricted view available in the standard Honda rear view mirrors. I've seen this mentioned in a couple of period road tests on new bikes..

With my CB77 it's hard to get a view of much more than your own elbows, at best a decent image in the outer half of the mirror.

The CL77, having wider bars is better but still doesn't give a good view of the road behind.

A couple of months ago I came across some 'mirror extenders' on E-Bay and bought a pair to try on the CB77 and, although they only move the mirror out by around 1.5" they do give a much improved view.

Planning a longish trip on the CL next week, I moved the extenders onto my CL this morning and the improvement is amazing. The whole mirror filled with a clear view of the road behind me on both sides. I'll definitely be buying a second set now so I can have a pair on each bike.

I know that this isn't quite 100% original but this is another of the small mods I've done to make my bikes more useable in modern traffic, of course they can be taken off again very easily if you're into bike shows or similar. 100% recommended.

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