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Honda C200

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Post by Tugboat » Thu Jan 29, 2015 5:08 pm

Hey guys - I'm doing a thing where I'm on a team that buys and fixes an old motorbike for $500 (excluding tires & brakes) and rides it for 24 hours to see how many miles we can put on it. We picked up an old C200 that we're going to put a Lifan motor on. Thus, we have the old motor (s/n C200E-13322) and the carb we'd like to sell to offset some of our costs. Any interest? The motor turns over and seems to shift - haven't checked compression. The kicker shaft is stripped. Carb should clean up well, though the floats are surely shot and I'm not sure the slide it came with is the correct one. I was going to put it in the classifieds, but there's not an "other" category to put it in LOL
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