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CA77 engine swop

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Geoff Hastings Member
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Joined: Wed Feb 22, 2017 2:59 pm
Location: Epsom, Surrey

CA77 engine swop

Post by Geoff Hastings » Sun May 03, 2020 9:57 am

With the lockdown still operating I brought my future intended engine swop forward. The original engine fitted runs fine but if you wring it's neck there is a feint blue haze from the right exhaust. Anyway I bought another engine just for spares but when I stripped it,apart from one rusty bore, it obviously had done very little mileage. Unfortunately I had to bore it as the rusty bore was too corroded to get away with a hone. Anyway, I swoped it over last week and attended to a couple of jobs on the bike that I was not quite happy with and blew in some of the paint where something fell on it chipping the front mudguard. Now I have to admit it, I did do a non essential ride round the block to see what difference the newer engine made. Absolutely not a sausage, bugger all. Everything felt exactly the same, power, gear change, clutch. Oh well, it passed a couple of days.

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305 Member
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Location: southern mn

Re: CA77 engine swop

Post by 305 » Sun May 03, 2020 12:08 pm

i bought a backup motor with 5500 miles in case the motor with 10500 miles in my `66 CA77 ever goes bad. the original motor still runs great and withe the few miles i put on it each summer i doubt i will ever need it. but it feels good having a spare just in case

looks like you now have a spare too
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