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1965 Honda Dream CB77

    1965 CB77  


  Honda Superhawk   Price   $2,990  
  Frame: CB77-1014807   Tel.   (626) 913-2228  
  Motor:  CB77E-1014813  
John Lim
  Odometer: 10,000 - 1965 Honda CB77

Very clean CB77. All function works. New tires. Left carburation needs adjustment or possibly reconditioning. Running rich. Was working fine but when I took it apart, I could not restore exact tuning. Compression test shows good results. Not original owner. Odometer reads 10,000 miles. Cash or verified payment only, I do not ship. Arrange for your shipper to pick up. CA title. Bike runs. Possibly odometer cable may need to be looked into as over 60 mph, needle fluctuates. The mufflers are after market. I lowered the price based on current bike condition. Reducing my toy inventory, focusing on BMWs.


1965 Honda Superhawk CB77 - 1965 Honda CB77 - 1965 Honda CB77 - 1965 Honda CB77


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