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1964 Honda Superhawk CP77

    1964 CP77  


  New York  
  Honda Superhawk   SOLD   $2,700  
  Frame: CP77-1001761   Tel.      
  Odometer: - FS: 1964 CP77

The bike was well maintained and obviously appreciated. I've dialed it in and added a few NOS parts. I've tried to keep it pure but some may notice that the speedo and seat are from a '65 SuperHawk.

She runs like a champ! She was my daily rider from Brooklyn to Manhattan in all but the coldest months.

Currently the bike lives in Brooklyn (Indian Larry's old garage)

Latest updates:

Reupholstered seat
new rear tire
new exhaust pipes
new battery
headlamp and gas tank powder coated
new front brake, throttle and tack cables
(NOS) front brake shoes
steering dampener/correct engine bolt
new chain
new points


Bates Saddle bags
Honda spare tool kit
Spark plugs
front fork seals (NOS)
tons misc nuts and bolts
vintage grease gun
(NOS) spare keys
mirrors (NOS)
mud flap (NOS)
Repair manual
Bill Silver guide
Owners manual
New Battery
folding foot pegs
shifter arms


1964 Honda Superhawk CP77 - FS: 1964 CP77 - FS: 1964 CP77 - FS: 1964 CP77 - FS: 1964 CP77 - FS: 1964 CP77


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