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1963 Honda Superhawk CB77

    1963 CB77  


  Honda Superhawk   Price   $3,500  
  Frame: CB77-314585   SOLD   $3,500, Jan, 2010  
  Motor:  CB77E-314622  
  Odometer: - For Sale - 1963 CB77

Years and health tell me the time has come to let the bikes go after my nearly 48 years in the saddle.  Going to part with my daily rider, 04 Honda Silverwing, and my hobby bike, 63 Honda Superhawk.

The 63 Superhawk CB-77 was purchased used this past Spring, and I spent the Summer (I'm retired) doing a "functional" restoration of the bike.  I used to work in a motorcycle shop back in the 60's while going to school, and had a good time getting my hands back on one of these; it needed a LOT of TLC.  Actual mileage on the bike is unknown since the speedometer is not original, but all my experience tells me it is probably in the high teens.  Prior owner claimed it had a recent ring and valve job, and after a good tune-up and carb rebuild the bike starts and runs good with no smoke from the exhaust. My big expense items on the bike have been for new rear shocks and a speedo/tach rebuild by Foreign Speedo in San Diego, though there have been many smaller items purchased for the functional restoration.  It runs, rides, shifts, stops like it should, and everything works.  It has a non-model correct seat, from a later model with the lip on the front, that does have a small hole just behind the strap (have close-up photo available).  There are details and extra items to describe that are too numerous for this post, so I have a fact sheet I can email along with additional photos if requested.


1963 Honda Superhawk CB77 - For Sale - 1963 CB77 - For Sale - 1963 CB77 - For Sale - 1963 CB77 - For Sale - 1963 CB77


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