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1965 Honda Scrambler CL77

    1965 CL77  


  Honda Scrambler   SOLD   $1,500  
  Frame: CL77-1012672       Apr, 2010  
  Motor:  CL77E-1012666  

For Sale: 1965 Honda Scrambler CL77

I am selling my 1965 Honda CL77. I bought it relatively recently as a project, but I just do not have the time to fix/restore it. The frame and engine #'s are very close (which is getting rarer with these bikes), and it is remarkably original - it is missing the front fender and a few other details, but overall this is a remarkably unchanged bike. Right now it does not have a plate, but I do have a title. The title lists the bike as being newer than frame/engine numbers lead me to believe, but the number on the title does match the bike. It has been out of the DMV system for a long time, so it should be no problem getting it re-registered, I just want to be up-front with everything.

Right now, it is not running. The person I bought it from said it fired recently, but he had 100+ bikes in a large warehouse and didn't have time for his collection, so he sold it to me as-is. It could probably use a carb re-build, flushing out the lines, and maybe plugs. It kicks over easily and seems like it should run. I put in a new battery but haven't gotten any further.

With the bike I will include a spare CB77 engine, an extra tire, an extra set of passenger pegs, and lots of documentation and manuals that I received with the bike.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have, and thanks for looking!


1965 Honda Scrambler CL77

For Sale: 1965 Honda Scrambler CL77

For Sale: 1965 Honda Scrambler CL77
For Sale: 1965 Honda Scrambler CL77


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