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1964 Honda CA95, Benly 150

    1964 CA95  


  New Hampshire  
  Honda Benly 150   Price   $1,275  
  Frame: CA95-   Tel.   (978) 877-8708  
  Motor:  CA95E-  
Bob Bendix

For Sale: 1964 Honda Benly 150, CA95

This is a sweet little bike! It easily completed the October 2011 Moto Giro, covering 250+ miles in 2 days through the Catskills, and other than an easily cleaned main jet on the first day, this little bike never missed a beat. .

I got this bike 2 weeks before the Giro, and got it running in about 40 minutes. To prep it for the Giro, I cleaned the single carb, lubed cables, replaced the battery, condenser, rear tire and tube, fuel lines and filter, and some bulbs, and then rode it around 200 miles to sort it out. I had to solder a few pinholes in the tank, and that was it. The engine runs nicely, with no smoke or odd noises. The electric starter works, as do the lights. The horn is "shy"; it works, but not always. Could be the button.

The gearbox is tight, but the clutch slips a bit when cold if you shift hard. Once it warms up, it holds well. It cruises comfortably on level ground in the mid 50's, hauling about 200lbs of rider and gear. I got 50 to 70 mpg through the Catskills, depending on the hills! Long term, I would recommend replacing the clutch plates. The ignition switch works, but the key falls out. I'll include a good ignition switch that needs to be rekeyed.

Comes with a current New Hampshire registration. $1275. Located in Brookline, NH 03033 Call or text to: 978-877-8308 Thanks, Bob B. Here are links to 2 videos of the bike:



1964 Honda Benly 150, CA95

For Sale: 1964 Honda Benly 150, CA95

For Sale: 1964 Honda Benly 150, CA95
For Sale: 1964 Honda Benly 150, CA95


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