Honda Superhawk CB77

Fall in New England  -   October, 1997

Click To Enlarge The day was mostly overcast, but warm.  The road which seduced me five years ago, seduced me now with the same compelling force.  As I got closer, I marveled at that for years, after the first visit, I thought I would never find this place again! Click To Enlarge
Click To Enlarge But I found it - an old private airport.  Vast and secluded, it sheltered old equipment and machinery whose dignified sincerity lay sheltered from the modern glance of plastic and indifference.  Click To Enlarge
Click To Enlarge Old tractors and trucks huddled together - remembering the days of frequent oil changes - while all around them raged the explicit colors of a New England fall. Click To Enlarge
Click To Enlarge Once you visit such a place, you begin thinking that you should write about it later, but somehow that never comes to pass... Click To Enlarge

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