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In search of eternity...

Soichiro Honda

Soichiro Honda as a young man

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Honda motorcycles have always been associated with extraordinary people. From those who created them to those who ride them; from the designers of the original machines to the restorers of these contemporary classics, the shared enthusiasm borders on a vision - one which transcends that which is tangible, mundane and impersonal - in our desire to attain the evanescent thrill of eternity. "Be still, Taggert! My mind is a whirl of cascading rivulets of creative thought..."*

[ * Quote: Mel Brooks ]

Two of the essays presented below were written by Soichiro Honda. They offer an interesting insight into the thoughts of the man who envisioned it all. Eccentric? You decide. Perhaps by not too much of a coincidence, Robert Pirsig's epic journey became inextricably linked with Honda motorcycles as well.


Imitation and Originality What did Robert Pirsig Ride?
Balance and Personality You wanted a Bike Story?

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