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kicker shaft turns and turns and turns..

Clutch, Transmission, Drive Chain, Sprockets
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barnbiketom Member
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kicker shaft turns and turns and turns..

Post by barnbiketom » Sun Apr 18, 2021 1:19 pm

welp the kick shaft coming out of the cases will crank the motor when turned counter clockwise...
BUT when trying to index everything to put together, the shaft turns and turns and turns clockwise...

The previous owner had probably changed he clutch cable and failed to put things back correctly, and ran it with the pawl engaged???

Question: can i run it?
electric start works fine.
Id like to ride this thing then in the winter tear into it.
I'll definitely drop the oil pump and screen and see whats in there...
I like stock...
A few modern mods...
But worst of all are those gawl dang PODS

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