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Persig photograph on 305

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Bills73Z1 Member
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Persig photograph on 305

Post by Bills73Z1 » Thu Jan 04, 2007 10:41 am

I happened to be reading 'Zen' .. again... and came across a couple of interesting items, which may already be known to the group here, but I decided to post the info anyway.
On page 8, of my softcover version, Robert discusses pulling into a "..roadside picnic area..", on their journey, accompanied by the Sutherlands. He speaks of it being morning, and the picnic area being abandoned at that time of the day. Perhaps, this could be the location of the photo, as clearly, in that picture, no one is in the background.
Then, a few pages farther on (p.14) Robert references the Sutherlands having a problem with "" in their lives: "All their drawings and paintings and photographs without a technological thing in them." I gathered that the Sutherlands were into photography, from this statement.
Sooo.. I came to the conclusion that possibly... the photo of Robert and his son might very possibly have been taken by Sylvia Sutherland at the rest stop he mentions early on in his book....
... just a thought..

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