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Looking for CB77 Motor or Parts

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bill440cars Member
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Location: Arkansas

Looking for CB77 Motor or Parts

Post by bill440cars » Mon Jan 15, 2007 12:48 am

I've got a 63' CB77 that someone had put a CA77 motor in. The bike is not complete and would cost way more than I could afford to restore. I do want to at least get a CB77 motor into it, even if I have to covert the CA motor. So, that's where I am at. Now, my funds are limited and I may have to do this over a period of time. If I could find a motor (doesn't have to run) reasonably priced that wasn't too far from western Arkansas or the head, crankshaft and ignition parts. I'd like to talk and see what could be worked out. If there's someone who has a CB77 motor (that needs rebuilt) that wouls like to trade for the CA77 motor that I have (needs rebuilt, I'm sure since it is seized) and it's complete with carburetor but has the CB77 right engine cover with the forward kickstarter. Anyone who wants to contact me just post it or PM me if you like. Let's talk.


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