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A DREAM coming to life

4shorts Member
Posts: 436
Joined: Thu Sep 21, 2006 8:45 pm
Location: Newfoundland, Canada

Post by 4shorts » Sat Mar 10, 2007 7:56 pm

Marlon. I attached a few links that might work for your winkers. The lens are the same ones that fit my bike and the front winker set is the same type that came with my bike when it was new.

The ones I have on my bike are aluminum but the ones in the link are plastic but will still do the job. I'm not sure what the rear shock bracket looks like on your bike. If it's like mine you'll just need to get the winker lens set and wire in a socket for the rear. Paul

lens ... 4647899432

Winkers ... 0059763374

This is how mine looks in the rear!



neus68 Member
Posts: 22
Joined: Mon Oct 09, 2006 2:14 pm
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Post by neus68 » Sun Mar 11, 2007 4:14 pm

I just bought the winker set from Apex for my Dream. Yes, they are plastic similar to the ones mentioned. They do have the right look, however, they are just passable in the quality. I found myself sanding them completely down and repainting them. The bulb assembly will also need a small rework to make them perfect. The rear lenses are just that, as Apex states. I am positive that once they are completed, they will be just fine. Unlike you and Paul, I am still working on a OE looking switch. Many trips to the electric supply shop.

Maloymerc Member
Posts: 68
Joined: Mon Mar 05, 2007 3:50 am


Post by Maloymerc » Mon Mar 12, 2007 1:09 am

Yes Paul, we have the same shock brackets...
Thank you for the links, this will be very helpful...I'll order a set if I won't be able to hunt for one locally.

Neus68, thank you for the additional info on the matter...I may have to refurbish those winkers too if ever i need to order a set.

By the way, the frame's being repaired now, but i'm afraid it's not going to be as simple as I thought it would.It seems the frame was substantially damage at one point, and the previous owner poorly repaired it...everything's out of alignment, but fixable...just needs more time. Marlon

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