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Vince Lupo Member
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Joined: Wed May 04, 2005 7:17 am

Post by Vince Lupo » Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:00 pm

Success with the steering damper! John Grainger - the mechanical whiz kid - worked his magic with the installation, and it looks great. As well, he managed to fabricate the stud for the lower triple tree, so no problems there. As well, we upgraded the headlight to a unit with a replaceable H4 35/35w bulb.

Happy days!

Vince Lupo Member
Posts: 1371
Joined: Wed May 04, 2005 7:17 am

Post by Vince Lupo » Tue Aug 25, 2009 3:10 pm

Shot of the headlight....

Vince Lupo Member
Posts: 1371
Joined: Wed May 04, 2005 7:17 am

Post by Vince Lupo » Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:26 am

A full shot of it with the steering damper.

I'm beginning to figure out my winter projects: Rechrome the gas tank side panels, chrome the rear brake/torque arm, replace the the black metal rings on top of the front external springs with chrome 'cups'. Dipping the whole bike in platinum might be after that.....

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cfloren Member
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Location: Torrance, CA

Post by cfloren » Fri Aug 28, 2009 10:40 am

Hello Vince,

The bike is looking great. I think you've done a super nice job with it, even if it isn't quite my style. We all have our quirks, right?

I was just wondering what was involved in the headlight conversion, whether it was simply a new connector spliced into the harness, or whether more work was involved.

Also how much more (in %) would you estimate light output to be now?


Vince Lupo Member
Posts: 1371
Joined: Wed May 04, 2005 7:17 am

Post by Vince Lupo » Fri Aug 28, 2009 11:21 am

Hi Chris - thanks for your compliments. I'm sure the bike will look a bit different in a few months - it's always that way with a custom, isn't it?!

As far as the headlight conversion goes, it's a straight plug-in. Well, let me clarify that: some of the sealed beam units use the bullet plugs that are wired right to the headlight. Others, such as those made by 'DIXIE', have three prongs in the back along with the plug that you connect to the bullet plugs in the headlight bucket. So, you need to get that plug first. Then, the actual bulb that comes with this headlight kit is a 60/55w, which is too much for our charging systems. So then you need to get a 35/35w 'low wattage bulb', which is available from Scooterworks in Chicago for about $13.00. The headlight conversion is available from . Look for the one that is 162mm in size.

I should also mention that the front lens itself is flat, as opposed to curved like 'stock' sealed beam units. I actually prefer the flat glass - looks really vintage!

As far as brightness goes, it seems brighter to me (particularly the high beam), as I think that the low beam wattage for a sealed beam unit is only 25w. And, I don't think it's going to unduly tax the charging system. Funny though - and I don't know if it's connected to this changeoover in any way - but my horn now seems louder...might just be my imagination.

The extremely nice thing about this system is that if you're on a road trip and your bulb burns out, you don't have to worry about tracking a sealed beam unit down - you could even get by with an H4 bulb from Pep Boys just to get you home. Plus, you can carry it in your pocket or tank bag.

Only one thing about the headlight that Cycle Seductions sells - it's meant for a CB400f, so there's all this extra bracketry on the back of the unit that you don't need, so you'll probably have to remove them (not a big deal). As well, you might want to get a few extra headlight retaining spring clips just to be safe (but I don't think it will move around anyways with just the three clips that are already used in the headlight ring).

Hope this info helps....
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Vince Lupo Member
Posts: 1371
Joined: Wed May 04, 2005 7:17 am

Post by Vince Lupo » Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:42 pm

Thought I'd do a tally of everything that's been done to the bike up to this point:

26mm Amal Carbs

Triumph External Fork Springs

Forking By Frank Fork Tubes

Progressive Suspension System (inside forks)

Altette horn (Italian Copy)

Hagon Rear Shocks

Norton Rear Shock Knobs

Bill Selby Bacon Cutters

Norman Hyde ‘TOGA’ Gold Star Mufflers, new header pipes, Cobra Stainless 'T' Clamps

Pedestrian Slicer from a Pre-Unit Triumph

John Tickle Headlamp Brackets

Tax disc/holder

The Engine and Transmission have been totally redone, including painting/powdercoating

New Clutch

Electronic Ignition, New Coils, Plug Wires, NOS Starter

Power Sonic Gel Battery

Retro Bikes Rectifier

Higher Output Rotor (older style without the 'L')

Concealed K&N filters and Drag Specialties Vent Tube Filters

Akront Rims with Custom Painted Coach Lines, Stainless Spokes and Dunlop K82 Tires

29 Tooth Rear Sprocket (Sprocket Specialists), Tsubaki Chain

Hydraulic Steering Damper

New Paint, Custom Painted Checkers on Tank and Fenders, Custom Decals

Chromed Headlight Bucket, Chain Guard, Foot Controls/Pegs

Stainless Headlight Visor

Magura Brake and Clutch Levers

Stadium Bar-End Mirror

Rocky Chrome Sidestand

H4 Headlight Conversion Kit

PJ Speedos Handlebar Pocket Watch Holder w/1960 Ingersoll 'Triumph' Pocket Watch

All Cables Replaced

Custom Upholstery on Seat Cover (white piping)

All Bolts and Nuts Replaced

Replaced Tank Badges

Whew - think that's it for now. I'm sure there's more that I missed!

And, here's a small list of what was tried on the bike at various times, but is not now on there:

Two other kinds of headlight visors

Three other sets of mufflers (1 - Apex Cycles, 2 - EMGO Dunstall)

Cheng Shin tires

Two other license plate holders (both broke)

Two other versions of the front end (1 - stock, 1 - a cobbled together version of what I really wanted)

Home-made Pedestrian Slicer

Much more checkered tape and decals!

About 4 different pocket watches

And I'm sure there's many other things for this list too that i've forgotten (points, rusty spokes, etc).

Vince Lupo Member
Posts: 1371
Joined: Wed May 04, 2005 7:17 am

Post by Vince Lupo » Mon Aug 31, 2009 2:23 pm

The helmet has landed!

Ateliers Ruby Belvedere 'France' -- woo hoo!

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