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eBay Seller Motobatteries

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Dogsbd Member
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eBay Seller Motobatteries

Post by Dogsbd » Thu Jun 07, 2007 10:25 am

Bought a 12N9-3A battery from Motobatteries on eBay on May 20. Emailed the seller asking for an update on the battery 3 times starting June 1. Finally got an answer today stating they were out of stock and I was refunded my payment via PayPal.

And they posted a 12N9-3A for sale on eBay again on June 1 and another again today!

Motobatteries has a rating of 99.1 with 121 negative ratings in the past 12 months (out of a total of 23221 ratings) BUT 27 of those negatives came in the past 30 DAYS.

I won't deal with them again.

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