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CL77 use of front tire on rear

Restoration and Cosmetic Upkeep
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keith Member
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CL77 use of front tire on rear

Post by keith » Mon Sep 20, 2004 10:39 am

I'm almost finished but my 1966 CL77 restoration took another set back. After installing a NOS fender, I realized that my new 100/90 front tire wouldn't clear the inside of the fender stay. The 100/90 equates to about a 3.75 inch and stock is listed as a 3.00. So I will need to buy a new front tire. Since I need a rear tire too, I am wondering if the front tire can be used for a rear? (It's a Metzeler ME 880 Marathon)<br /><br />Some motorcycle tires are sold as fronts or rears perhaps because of the tread pattern. Would any of you advise against swapping tires? Speed wouldn't be of much concern as I wouldn't take the bike much over 60mph. Thanks to all,

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