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george or wachoskim

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george or wachoskim

Post by Guest » Sun Dec 12, 2004 7:45 pm

yeah, i am probably going to need either sleeves or jugs.<br /><br />can't get a stuck piston out, and my machinest is betting that when he finally does the .20 over rings and pistons i have won't be big enough to cover the damage.<br /><br />the sleeves are already lose.<br /><br />someone please send me an email at so we can come up with a price for either.<br /><br />thanks<br />perry

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Re: george or wachoskim

Post by georGe » Mon Dec 13, 2004 8:07 pm

I just went through a pile of 305 sleeves @ a friends shop and couldnt find any that were usable under 25 thou.<br />I had to go ahead and use my .50 mill. overs slugs and rings because I was in a hurry to get the bike back together.<br />You can buy NEW sleeves from L.A. Sleeve for about $100 which is alittle less than buying larger pistons/rings.<br />Sorry!<br /><br />georGe<br />


Re: george or wachoskim

Post by Guest » Thu Dec 16, 2004 8:43 pm

ok, i am slow. but will attempt to go thru this.<br /><br />after soaking in marvel oil for three days, then coke for 3 days (ole skool teck), then heating with a torch and oil for 3 days; my machinist went from the wood to a large brass punch.<br /><br />it moved and worked out.<br /><br />most of the rust was from the rings stuck on the cylinders.<br /><br />but as i had first over pistons, my cycle tech was concerned that with the pitting .25 or as he said 10/1000 was going to work. machinist isn't sure yet as the boring has not started yet.<br /><br />.50 is expensive. i had .75 rings so bought .75 pistons.<br /> ... MEWA:IT<br /><br />$32 is a bit cheaper than the $100 you talked about. if they work, i don't care if the box doesn't say Honda. and surely the cylinders will clean up at .75.<br /><br />my biggest concern was going to be breaking something trying to get the piston out. the funniest surprise was that the piston with a hole it in was not stuck, it was the other one.

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