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here's a neat coil conversion for the ca72/ca77.

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bigscooter Member
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here's a neat coil conversion for the ca72/ca77.

Post by bigscooter » Thu Jan 03, 2008 2:56 pm

this is a magna/goldwing coil i got off eBay. they usually come in pairs since the magna/goldwing is a 4 cylinder.
i drilled the rivets out of the original dream coil, and luck would have it that the new coil bolts perfectly to it!
there is about a 3/16 inch clearance to the side cover. i even used two of the longest magna/goldwing
wires, but installed new NGK spark plug caps. the resistance of the coil is 3 ohms. its been 500 miles so far with
no problems yet. (knock on wood)

oh! the pair of coils were like $24 after shipping. i guess i'll have a spare :)


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