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Impending Valve Job: Two short questions

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305explr Member
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Impending Valve Job: Two short questions

Post by 305explr » Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:01 pm

Two questions:

Now that my top end is completely apart, I'm just about to take it to my local machine shop for bead blasting and a valve job. Some of what will happen, I understand--for example, that the exhaust valves don't get ground, but the intake valves do. Additional Q's remain.

1: Does Honda spec any specific angle for the intake valves in this process?

I've re-read Bill S's guide, so I know about the 11 vs 11.5mm dia. rocker arms, and the eventual gap to set valves on a rebuilt engine.

2: Is there anything else they/I should know about valve jobs on this engine before handing it over to them?

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