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Mixed Breed looking for color scheme, specs...

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splitenz Member
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Mixed Breed looking for color scheme, specs...

Post by splitenz » Mon Jan 28, 2008 10:37 pm

I have picked up what I thought was a '64 CL72 however the title states (from 1990) it is a 1963.
It appears to be a mix of CL72 & CL77, the current engine has a CL77 serial number, runs but has a gear problem. The CL72 engine is partially in a box that came with the bike (block, jugs, trans ripped apart)
I was wondering if it is possible to find out the bikes original color scheme.
Vin# CL72310103 I'll get some pics together, it was painted orange over the original red frame. Headlight is black, over the original red. Silver forks, chromed fenders, front one is bobbed. I am curious what it would take to bring this back to true original stock.

I am having a blast reading through the forum, amazing amount of knowledge out there concerning the early Hondas...

I have confirmed the frame number after scraping the heavy layer of orage piant off of it, confirmed the engine in it has a CL77E- 1016%# something number, and the basket motor is CL72E-310100 so I belive it to be the original. I wa happy to find the frame is actually the CL72 I was expecting.

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