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What is this Sound?

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Post by LOUD MOUSE » Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:43 am

I always appreciate info which at times differs from my ways of doing things with these old bikes. Keep in mind that I offer the ways and reasons I do things with these bikes which I've learned working on these and only these bikes for many years. If folks have ways/things they do with these bikes and it works without negative impact in the future tis OK with me.That said I'm not sure what they used other than the name and number so I'll continue with the clean/dry parts in that area. The problems I've found with this starter system are the spring cups are stuck in the spring hole and the cups are not pressuring the rollers which at times has caused the rollers to bounce on the sprocket which damages both parts. Another is the springs are broken and stuck down in the hole. These I suspect were found broken at an earlier time and just put in the hole just in case they would work. Seldom do!. The spring at times shorten from the correct length and this will cause the rollers to slip on the sprocket. Sort of spooky because lately there has been two fellers with loose screws at the starter side of the roller assy. (clutch outer) All I've ever seen had the screws edge penned to the outer so they can't come loose. Always tough to get the screws to move at all and I've ruined more than one hammer drive bit removing them. Another thing I find in that area is that the sprocket isn't installed with the keeper to the case and and rubs the stainless cover thin which allows it to split and cause roller jams. That's more than enough on the starter area problems and thank you e3steve for offering your info. ...........lm

e3steve wrote:Thanks Ed. I sort of thought about that, but I also thought there shouldn't be any dusty crap in there really to cling to any lube either. I/we value your input as it's always experience-based.

If you say they should be dry, then dry mine shall be. Here's the page from the Shop Manual anyways:

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Post by e3steve » Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:10 am

Like I stated, Ed: your advice is always experience-based. That's why you're The Guru and, seriously, we lesser mortals look up to you for your knowledge. My rollers are gonna be dry!

Regards and thanks,


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