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cam curious

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bigdog Member
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cam curious

Post by bigdog » Tue Jul 22, 2008 12:38 pm

I am wondering if anyone might have any thoughts regarding a possible cam problem I may have. I own a 1964 CL72. I had the engine overhauled last winter, and they discovered the cylinder had been bored out to fit larger pistons (don't recall how large, but the sleeves were maxed out and I needed to replace the cylinder). I replaced the over-bored cylinder (& pistons) with the correct one for a 250 cc. After rebuilding the bike, and trying to ride it this summer, I have had various problems. After attempting Ed Moore's recipe with no luck, constantly replacing plugs, overhauling the carbs and getting them set right, recleaning the petcock, etc.. etc... etc..., I am now wondering if the timing is so far out of wack due to the cam being incorrectly matched to the 250 pistons. I can't ever seem to match up the indicator on the cam to the correct position of the crank. Perhaps the cam chain wasn't set on the right tooth? Does anyone know if it would have been logical/possible that the cam used with the 305 pistons would be different than the cam used with 250 pistons? If so, does anyone know the lobe measurements for each of the 2 different bikes, just so I could know if my cam is the wrong one? Or, is there a different way to tell the cams apart? Thanks for your help!

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