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Post by LOUD MOUSE » Mon Sep 01, 2008 3:44 pm

A seat person on eBay strikes again. A feller in Italy won and paid for a CL350KO seat. After lots of time and no seat or Email he ask the seller what happened and why he didn't have the seat yet.
Below are 3 replies to me as to what the seat feller did and where the sale is at this time. The seller is offering a CL350K2 CL350 SCRAMBLER seat listed Aug 26 and ending Sept 5.
HONDA CL350K2 CL 350 SCRAMBLER SEAT RESTORED OEM Item number: 270269541927
Another listed Aug 30 and ending Sept 9.
HONDA CL350K0 CL 350 SCRAMBLER Seat Item number: 270270801725
Also a good friend of mine has been waiting for his CB77 seat for a LONG TIME and had a friend go by the sellers house and leave a note on the sellers truck to supply seat or get a good attorney.
I'm waiting to hear more on this one.
The seller has listed 176 items since the middle of July so I suggest caution when you bid for parts. .............lm

(1) Hello and thanks for the information, even with me did the same
thing ... I sold the seat and later told me that was not available
because he had sold on his personal website and if I could give me a
refund, I waited a couple of days and I have not seen anything since
and are more cunning him being Italian and Napoletano ....
I reported
the problem to Payapal and I blocked the account, sent me an email
where he said he had sent the parcel on 21-07-08 and had informed
paypal all data dispatch, asking to lift immediately the blockade on
His account, which I naturally because I did not expect or parcel or a
response from Paypal which is investigating the issue, I understood
immediately that a person was dishonest and unreliable confirmed by
your statements.

(2) well, I believe that if we do not send the seat will pay 'to the
last penny, give what I will say from Paypal and we'll send
on each other for the forum 305, now I go to sleep because
Italy are the 00.16 of 25-07-2008
Good night

(3)Hello and excuse unless you first because I wrote the story is very
long, I received 28-08-2008 as the seat of its email sent to paypal, I
checked the seat and everything seemed ok I only came a doubt Watching
the bottom and I made the comparison with my seat and the great
surprise is that that great dishonest and cheat TD sent me a seat of a
Honda CL350k2,
I immediately sent the complaint to Paypal with details
of a photo to verify the difference and he replied that was not true
anyway .... then agreed to return the money in exchange for the return
of the seat that I have sent and received the 28-08-2008, are now
waiting to receive money from paypal, which has accepted my complaint.
Please tell me how you can do to denounce in the united states that TD
is a fraudster?
I await your response.

cappinbob Member
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Post by cappinbob » Tue Sep 02, 2008 5:51 pm

i'd be interested in the persons name,
pm me if you like.
1967 superhawk

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davomoto Member
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Post by davomoto » Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:07 pm

Ed, you can send him my e-mail adress if you'd like, as I speak Italian, and can help with translation. PM me for e-mail adress if necessary.


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