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'67 CB77 rear brake shoes

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perryT200 Member
Posts: 44
Joined: Wed Feb 02, 2005 2:20 am

'67 CB77 rear brake shoes

Post by perryT200 » Mon May 23, 2005 5:46 pm

can we still get these new? Vesrah? EBC ?<br /><br />my rear brakes are shot, and the fronts are barely better.<br /><br />any info would be appreciated.

ryan_siefrin Member
Posts: 128
Joined: Thu May 19, 2005 11:02 am
Location: Dayton, OH

Re: '67 CB77 rear brake shoes

Post by ryan_siefrin » Thu May 26, 2005 10:05 pm

i got some new ones for my ca77 on ebay for only 9 dollars, check it out from time to time and maybe you'll get lucky. or try classic, i've found a few othe good sites on this forum also.<br /><br />good luck<br /><br />
Ryan Siefring

1965 Honda CA77 Dream
1996 Honda CBR 900 RR

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