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Dating a bike by the wiring harness

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Pigeonalley Member
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Dating a bike by the wiring harness

Post by Pigeonalley » Thu Jul 21, 2005 4:33 pm

First let me say Mr. Silver is the King when it comes to these bikes and I am the Village Idiot by comparison. <br /> I can see where it would be very simple and plausible for an original 64 bike to have a 63 wiring harness! <br /> There are several ways this could happen. <br /> First all modern manufacturing facilities are going to maintain a “par stock” That is, parts in a warehouse waiting to be placed on the assembly line for installation. So say on Jan. 1 1964 Honda starts production on its 64 model. It has it’s entire stock of 63 wiring harnesses to use up before you get to 64 harnesses. To further muddle the picture most plants use a bin to hold components on the assembly line. As the these bins get low some one replenishes them. Often putting new parts on top of what is already in the bin. This leads to what is called “last in first out” <br /> Second, common sense tells us if the wiring line (or subcontractor) makes 50,000 harnesses in November and Honda only produces 30,000 bikes in December. They are not going to throw away 20,000 harnesses! Nor are they going to spend the labor to retag them!<br /> So if you come across a bike with a harness of the previous year, don’t automatically disallow it. Now if you come across a 63 bike with a 64 harness, it’s time to ask a few questions!<br /><br /> Now if anyone sees a flaw in my logic please let me know. <br />
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