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Replacement Sprockers [ Drive Chain ]

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Michael Stoic Member
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Replacement Sprockers [ Drive Chain ]

Post by Michael Stoic » Sat Jan 10, 2004 4:42 pm

[forwarded from email]<br /><br />Don't know if this is worth putting on your site or just useless info.<br /><br />Had to replace front &amp; rear sprockets on a CB72 I'm putting together and went to a specialist ( cheaper than NOS ). The rear sprocket he had to make specially but he found a match for the front in a standard catalogue.<br /><br />It is ref number 568.15 ( 15T ) - fits fine but has no thread holes for the retaining plate - he says it uses a circlip instead ( 20mm ? ).<br /><br />Will try to get one from a race-shop .<br />The part number is common to all pattern sprocket suppliers and is the same number ( but different number of teeth ) as the Yamaha XS650. Cost was @$12.00 ( £9.00 ) and could be even cheaper from a big mail order place.<br /><br />regards <br /><br />Phil

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