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Idle troubleshooting checklist? (Back after a long break)

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Jlovvorn Member
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Re: Idle troubleshooting checklist? (Back after a long break)

Post by Jlovvorn » Sun Jun 21, 2020 7:09 pm

Well, it’s not the advancer.
After many struggles I installed the Sachse crank based electronic ignition. It’s a nice design, although the quality control leaves a lot to be desired. And requires a lot of fitting.
But all that did was control the surging left side to between 500-2000, no more wild swings up to 4K when the advancer kicked in.
So, back to the same problem this bike has had since 2011!
Things done:
Head and Valves done by Ed via mail. I installed in 2012.
Uneven idle continued. Left side in and out.
Replaced stock carbs with Amal. Same problem.
Went back to stock carbs. Same problem.
Replaced Amal and set the bike to only idle on one side. It ran like this off and on for several years. Never well.
Switched Amal carbs left to right. Same problem. It did NOT follow the carb.
Balanced the carbs again using both drill bit and flow meter on intakes. Same problem. (The flow meter confirmed left side going up and down)
Changed plugs. Swapped coils left to right. No change.
Switched spacers and studs on intakes. Same problem.
Switched to Saches electronic ignition. Same problem.
Checked valves because why not. Same problem.
Left side is just in and out, up and down regardless of timing, spark, gas, or compression. Yeah, I did that too.
Before I throw in the towel and sell it at a huge loss, I thought I would post one more time.
(If you want pictures of the Sachse install I can email them.

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