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Carburettor setup & oil problem

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MrDream Member
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Joined: Tue Jan 11, 2005 10:58 am

Carburettor setup & oil problem

Post by MrDream » Tue Jul 25, 2006 4:35 pm


Just a couple of questions: we have about the 250 honda engine in a CA 72.

On the carb, we have two adjustment screws. One for Air and one for tickover. Is there a setting we could start with for the air screw, as it seems to be running very rich at the moment.

The 2nd question is we seem to be loosing oil from the chain tensioner breather on the back of the engine. I'm just wondering why this is, and is it something that may stop by its self. Its spitting out when revs are applied.

Thanks for any replies.

kustommusic Member
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Joined: Sat Sep 11, 2004 6:44 pm
Location: Goshen Indiana

Post by kustommusic » Tue Jul 25, 2006 9:21 pm

Hello Mat, The adjustment screws are air mixture(Idle) and idle speed. A good starting point for the idle air is 1 and 1/4 turns out from closed. I like to set the idle speed screw at a point where it just starts to lift the slide(this is the way I do it any way) Then start the engine and make final adjustments after its warmed up. This is assuming the points and timing,etc. are all right. If you need to turn these screws alot you'll know you have problems and should stop and investigate those. Hope that helps. As far as a breather on the chain tensioner you have me a bit confused, but I am a cb guy so.. If you have oil coming out there I would call it an old fashon leak. The breather is on the top of the engine. Is ther a small air bleed there? There are two on a cb in that general area,that are usually just plugged. Mabey we can get someone who knows more about this subject to write in. Good Luck, Steve Greer

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