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Fuel Type

Fuel System: Gas (Petrol) tanks, Carburators
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What type of fuel do you put in your bike?

Unleaded Plus
Super Unleaded
AvGas 100LL
Total votes: 166

russ Member
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Joined: Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:22 am
Location: bridgeport ohio

Fuel Survey - Poll

Post by russ » Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:56 am

I run mid grade fuel with lead additive . I've tried without lead substitute and bike seems to run a little rougher , when I add it to fuel seems to smooth out quite a bit . I also use PB Blaster fuel injector cleaner from time to time to help keep clean.

CB77GUY Member
Posts: 19
Joined: Wed Nov 15, 2006 3:29 pm
Location: Wichita Kansas

Post by CB77GUY » Sun Jan 19, 2014 5:53 pm

I don't run my 305 on the street as it is a Vintage recer, but I run a 50-50 mix of VP6 Leaded race gas and Premium Unleaded. It runs great, has caused me no valve problems and gives great plug readings.
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Berkeley Boone Member
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Joined: Fri Nov 13, 2015 12:27 pm
Location: Georgia

Superhawk Fuel

Post by Berkeley Boone » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:42 pm

I am fortunate to be able to buy non-ethanol fuel with no problem. Frankly, I don't know the octane rating, however.

tommytailspin Member
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Joined: Sat Nov 25, 2023 8:07 pm

Re: Fuel Type

Post by tommytailspin » Sat Dec 02, 2023 8:02 pm

back in the day the lead in fuel was an excellent lubricant for the valve train of gas engines. marvel mystery oil at 4oz per 10 gal of fuel is what i use in my airplane, harley's, and vintage bikes. it's a good lube for the valve trains and helps to eliminate carbon build up.

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