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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section applies to the Electronic Ignition Systems for the 1961 to 1968 Honda 247cc and 305cc Twins.









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Can I leave the ignition in the "on" position with the motor not running? If yes, for how long?

Yes.  ...for as long as necessary.

[ Applies to systems built after October, 2008 ]

If the key is "on" and the motor is stopped there will not be any damage to any of the components.

Modules coded "E4" (engraved in the potting compound at the back-end of the module), in production after October, 2008, have an automatic "timeout" feature that interrupts the coil current if the key is on and the engine has either not been started or has subsequently stopped after 30 seconds. The timeout automatically resets itself when the system detects crank rotation - you don't have to reboot module power to start the bike after timeout - just kick or e-start.




[ What about Kits produced before October, 2008 ?]


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