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The VJMC Mailing List


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Open to all vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts

::: Description and Purpose:

This, mostly unmoderated mailing list, is for discussion pertaining to vintage Japanese motorcycles. "Vintage" Japanese motorcycles are loosely defined as being fifteen or more years old. Discussion of matters relating to bikes such as, just to name a very few, the Honda Super Hawk or CBX, Yamaha YM1 or TD1, Kawasaki W1 or H1, Suzuki K10 or RE5, Tohatsu Runpet, or Marusho Magnum are an example of what you can expect to find here. Not suited to this list is discussion of where to buy a used 1994 Honda Super Duper. Care should be taken to post accordingly. Disruptive posts or careless crossposting may result in ejection from the list.

It is hoped that vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts will, in part through this mailing list, establish a support network, swap stories and technical information, and most importantly have fun riding and appreciating their increasingly popular vintage Japanese motorcycles.

::: About the VJMC:

The Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club Mailing List is sponsored by the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club.

It is not necessary to be a VJMC member to subscribe and post to the mailing list! However, we do encourage all vintage Japanese motorcycle enthusiasts to join the VJMC.

The VJMC welcomes collectors, riders, restorers, and racers of Vintage Japanese Motorcycles to join our 20 year old 1000 member club. The club is an excellent way to make contact with the people who are actively involved in all aspects of classic, collectible and vintage Japanese motorcycles. We offer a bi-monthly newsletter with free classified ads for club members and publish an annual roster listing our members, their primary interest and how to contact them. We also have marque specialist who provides information and advice about specific makes and models to our members.

Annual dues are $25 US or $35 Canadian for North American membership and $41 US for international membership. To join the club, send a check or money order made out to VJMC to:

              13309 Moran Dr.
              Tampa, FL 33618-3011

For more information contact the Membership Chairman -
Bill Granade.

::: VJMC On-Line Membership Subscription:
Please visit:

::: VJMC Mailing List administrators:

The list administrator is Mike Brown, or He rules with an iron fist! :)

::: Zero tolerance for bouncing mail:

If mail cannot be delivered to your email address for even a short period of time, you may be dropped from the list without notification, and you will have to re-subscribe using the instructions below. This is especially true for AOL and WebTV users who let their mailbox get full.

::: New subscriptions:

If you haven't already joined the list, you may do so by following either of the two following links:  [don't forget to press your e-mail client's "send" button to complete the process]

  Subscribe to the VJMC Real-Time list
   [receive messages as they are posted]

  Subscribe to the VJMC list Digest
   [receive messages in periodic 20K digest compilations]

  Receive more list-specific technical help

To subscribe manually: send the word "subscribe" by itself in the body of a message to either or

::: Getting off the list:

Follow either of the following links:

  Un-Subscribe from the VJMC Real-Time list

  Un-Subscribe from the VJMC list Digest

To do this manually, follow the same instructions as above, but use "unsubscribe" by itself in the message body. Send the mail from the same address you used to subscribe to the list. More assistance with the list server can be obtained by sending mail to with "help" by itself in the message body.

::: Sending messages to the list:


All messages sent to will be forwarded to all the subscribers of the VJMC list. Post to this address even if you are on the vjmc-digest list. If replying to a post, make sure before you send the mail that it is going to the intended recipient(s).

All messages sent to will also be added to the vjmc-digest queue. When 20 kilobytes worth of messages accumulate in the queue, they will all be packaged into one long message called a digest. The digest will then be sent to all the subscribers who are on the vjmc-digest list. There is no need to be on both the message-by-message vjmc list and the periodic vjmc-digest list, because the content
is the same.

Please make sure you post messages to Some email software uses the wrong return address when sending replies; you may need to edit the "To:" field. If you accidentally send mail to vjmc-owner, it may not ever show up on the list.

Do trim excess quoted material from replies. There is never any need to quote someone else's entire message in your reply. Digest subscribers need to be especially careful to not accidentally attach large segments of the previous digest to their replies, and to edit the Subject line.

And you must send only plain text, with no attachments, to the list. Some email software such as Outlook Express or Netscape Communicator/Mail may default to sending your mail out as "text/html" rather than "text/plain". Make whatever changes are necessary to ensure that your outgoing mail is not specially encoded. Look for a "plain text" or "7 bit" option. Again, do not send attachments to the list.

::: Other administratia:

You must be subscribed to the vjmc or vjmc-digest list in order to post to it. This is a very specific forum. General motorcycling questions should be posted to general motorcycling forums like or some of the broader mailing lists. Spam, get-rich-quick schemes, commercial advertising, virus alerts, alerts and calls-to-action of a political nature, harassment, or any other disruptive, off-topic posts will not be

For the convenience of the list members and to ease the burden on our server and network, some restrictions on For Sale lists and Wanted lists (classifieds) are being enforced. It is okay to post short classifieds to the mailing list, but they must:

1. pertain to vintage Japanese motorcycles
2. be for personal transactions, not on behalf of a business
3. be not much longer than a screenful (25 lines)
4. not be repetitive (do not keep re-posting the same items)

Auction [notices can] be posted once to attract bidders, then be conducted in private thereafter. Any other classifieds, including long sale lists, should be announced as briefly as possible, with an invitation for interested parties to email you directly or visit a web location to receive the full information.

Ads may also be submitted to the non-Internet VJMC Newsletter. You must be a VJMC member (dues paid) to submit a Wanted ad, but anyone may submit a For Sale ad. Ads must be submitted by the 10th of the month prior to the cover date of the next newsletter. Submit your ad directly to Gary Gadd, the VJMC Classified Ads Editor.

::: Archives and Web Sites:

The VJMC list is archived at
The North American VJMC maintains a web site at

:::end of file


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