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h305 Auctions

Honda305 Auctions - the newest feature on is now On-Line!
  h305 Auctions

Go to: h305 Auctions

Please note, this is a newly updated software package, customized for

The Auction software offers many features that are impossible to try out all at once. I will be fine tuning the whole setup as we move forward and some features and visuals will continue to evolve. During this process, the software will remain fully functional and all user accounts, auction listings and stores will remain in operation.

I would like to get your feedback and suggestions on functionality, features, layout and any other topic that comes up.

To make it easier for the honda305 community to discuss all honda305 auctions related issues in a focused manner, I've set up a dedicated Mailing List:

Please sign up and participate in the discussion (it's a self-serve subscription).


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