Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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Honda Superhawk - Amongst Peers

The official Honda web site sheds interesting light on the Superhawk.  First, Honda calls this model a "HONDA DREAM CB72 SUPER SPORT."  If you are conversant in Japanese, please let me know if this name is supported by the official CB72 banner.

Of course, in the US, a CB72 is known as a 250cc Superhawk - almost identical to the tube-framed CB77, while the model name "Dream" is used with the pressed steel framed, full sheetmetal-clad motorcycles (primarily known as models CA72, CA77 and CA78).  "Yep, it's like riding around on your living room couch..." said the previous owner of my CP77, about the Dream. But that is a story for another time.
In actuality the CB72 motor displaces 247cc and happens to be a somewhat more scarce model than the CB77 (which came with a 305cc motor). No doubt, the domestic (Japanese) Superhawk was kept under 250cc in compliance to some local legislation, but I'd like to find official confirmation to this. In America, on the other hand, where in the sixties the roads were wide and petrol cheap, many more opted for the more powerful version of the Honda twin.  Nothing wrong with that and I, for one, am grateful for that convergence of facts.
Back to the "official" CB72; that motorcycle is pictured with a very interesting feature for the Superhawk series - a Scrambler-Type steering damper. This setup consists of a mini shock absorber - a hydraulic damper - with one end mounted to a stationary point (right side of the motor) and the other to a mounting pin on the lower fork clamp.  I find this detail to be utterly charming and one of the most memorable about these bikes. Honda seems to have thought highly about this setup too. Consequently, the hydraulic steering damper appears on some of the potentially extreme-duty bikes, such as the CP77 and CYP77, and, of course on the CL77. Finally, as seen below, this setup was used on the CR72/77 series - racing variants of the Superhawk, which makes the use on this component on an explicitly street machine - the "official" CB72 - an even more curious fact.

Click To Magnify: The Official Honda CB72

The Official Honda CB72

Scrambler CL77

Click To Magnify: Honda Scrambler - CL77
Click To Magnify: CR72 Steering Damper Detail 

Steering Damper Detail

Click To Magnify: Steering Dampner Mounting
Click To Magnify: CA77 - Honda Dream

Honda Dream CA77

Factory Racer - CR72 

Click To Magnify: Racing Superhawk - CR72



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