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CL77 Flat Tracker
CL77 Flat Tracker
CL77 Flat Tracker
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Pictures are coming soon...

Every once in a while I receive email from somewhere in the world, sometimes with a picture attached. It is always a pleasure, but especially so when the subject makes me stop whatever I am doing and take a close second look. Kevin Krieger has sent me several photos of one of the most interesting (and good looking) CL72 Scrambler conversions. I can go on with praise, but you might want to see what Kevin says about this machine:

"It's a Honda 305 Dream with a twin carb Scrambler head and K&N filters. The frame is from a 250 Scrambler, I removed the rear section and swingarm and built it up as a hardtail. Rear fender is generic BSA front fender. K&N flattrack bars, Harley seat and headlight. Ridged alloy rims, one from a Yamaha 650 and the other donated from who knows what. Gas tank from a mid 70's Honda CB100. Front fork, triple clamps and brake are from an early 70's Bultaco Pursang with spacers in the forks to shorten travel to about 3". Paint is silver and safety orange."

Once all that comes together, you'd think the bike goes on permanent display, but Kevin adds, as with all his bikes:

"And no I don't build them to sit, they all get ridden."

All I can add is: We should all have a bike like this to ride (and a bike lift like that to work on)!

From their earliest days, Scramblers had undergone "chopper conversions."  Here are two more takes: Chopper 1, Chopper2.


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