Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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Police Superhawk CYP77


CYP77 - Hidden Away...

Picture Courtesy of Bill Silver       

Did Honda Superhawk Police motorcycles really exist? Are they rare? Where were they used? Did they actually see Police duty?

For a long time, the picture of a "Full Dress" Police Superhawk (picture on the left) was the only evidence I could find confirming the existence of this exotic variant of the CB77. It seems that their scarcity (in the US, at least) is in an inverse proportion to the amount of speculation that surrounds their existence.



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I have recently come in contact with the owner of the above bike who kindly provided more photos and information.  And in a true testament to the power of the internet, an e-mail made its way to my attention - a message in response to this web site - which gives these mythical bikes an even more exotic and international stature.  I will update this area with more information, as it becomes available.  For now, let's take comfort in knowing that these CYP77 bikes really did exist and that some perfectly preserved (or is it restored?) examples are being displayed at shows.  There certainly is a special something about a Police bike in captivity, is there not?

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