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Chrome Honda Superhawk

Say what you will, but this Chrome Superhawk looks pretty real to me. These photos were provided by Fred Klopp, who, from what I understand, has not been all that disappointed by the price this bike brought at a recent (February, 2002) auction.

Aside from this, I need to say that the first photograph, below, has to be among the best Superhawk photos I've seen - and I've seen many! Is it the juxtaposition of the black and chrome? The background, perhaps? The composition? The subject? A bit of all of the above? Maybe. For me, the frosting on the cake is that on second glance, the balance of this photo is hinged on the implied opposite sweep of the speedometer and the tachometer needles. That would be 1964 and prior model years.

One last thing: if indeed a 1964, the bike pulls the rug right out from under the theory that chrome Superhawks came late in the production to stimulate the aging model line.

Chrome Superhawk Chrome Superhawk Chrome Superhawk

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