Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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Parts Manual on CD-ROM

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 Parts Manual CA72/77/78
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 Parts Manual CB72, CB77
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  Parts Manual - CB72/77 CP/CYP77
  Parts Manual - CB72/77 CP/CYP77

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Honda Superhawk

CB72, CB77
CP77, CYP77

This CD covers the regular issue Honda Superhawks: CB72 and CB77, the hybrid CP77, as well as the Police version Superhawk - CYP77.

Domestic, CBM72 models are listed in the Chassis & Model Year reference, although not specifically referenced in the part number rosters.

Parts Catalogue:

This is the CD ROM version of the Parts Diagrams and Part Numbers, as found on the microfiche. The images have been converted into Adobe PDF format and can be viewed on screen or printed out.

There are convenient tabs (motor, ignition, suspension, etc.) allowing you to quickly jump from section to section or you can scroll from page to page. You can also zoom in to view part numbers or a section of the exploded diagram. 

The CD comes with full print capability. Print one page or all of them. Great for garage copies. Get one dirty and you can print out another. Adobe Acrobat Reader is supplied with each disk. 

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