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Help with Tank ID.

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Pigeonalley Member
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Help with Tank ID.

Post by Pigeonalley » Fri Mar 11, 2005 1:47 pm

I understand that some time in '63 or '64 they changed the tanks on the CA77 Dreams. Is there some place I can go to see the difference? My problem is I just bought two bikes. One of the bikes is a very early '63 (vin #CA78 301XX) That appears to be all '63 The wiring harness is 1962 It has the same tank as my '66. <br /><br />The other bike CA 78 10??? (I can't see the whole vin too much paint) has a much larger tank with the cap in the center and no seam. The cross over tub is in the front and will have to go over the horn. All three tanks use the same petcock, all three will interchange on the bikes <br /><br />Email me for pic Thanks Rob
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