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CA72 - CA77 - CA78 is devoted to the legendary Honda Superhawk - the CB72, CB77 family of motorcycles (1961 - 1967) - and its impact on the world of Design, Technology, Philosophy and Motorcycles in general ...because an unexamined bike is not worth riding.

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This website offers many sections: from history and literature, to technical notes, to everything in between. is the worlds most complete source of information about Honda Superhawks, Dreams and Scramblers of the 1960s. Here you can meet and hang out with other owners of these bikes through the honda305 Forum and the honda305 Mailing List. Enjoy!

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In the early sixties, when Honda said:  "We take this opportunity of welcoming you to the HONDA fraternity, also for choosing this machine from the many others available to you."*  they probably did not expect that more than fifty(!) years later this model would continue to enjoy such a widespread following.


* An excerpt from a Honda Superhawk Owner's Manual