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  • VJMC - US & CA - Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club. A "must join." This club hosts the best VJ resource on the Net - The VJMC e-Mailing list.
  • Nippon - Classics - Check out the Vintage J-Bike scene in Deutschland.
  • SOHC/4 Club - "...dedicated to the bikes that changed motorcycling [-] the Honda Single Overhead Cam Fours."
  • Classic Honda Club of Sweden - Many articles (mostly in Swedish) and lots of nice photographs - an enthusiastic tribute to Vintage Hondas of all models.
  • The Vintage MC Club of Finland - Lots of great photos of vintage European motorcycles. A great browse!
  • Honda Japan - Set your Browser Encoding to Japanese and enjoy.  Doesn't get any more official than this.
  • Benelli Speciale ~ 50cc Racer - A short documentary of how a special project originates and flourishes into a success.  Great inspirational reading; proves that some projects really do end up as riders.
  • VJMC - UK - The VJMC club is quite big on the other side of the 'pond', I hear.
  • Donshonda - A very friendly site. One of the first I've found and one of the most pleasant.
  • Readtitan - A new web site, devoted to the Read Titan vintage racer conversions.
  • Ironstone Ventures - The Rider Safety Course. I signed up, I passed, I loved it.
  • Eurospares - A good source for MC racing info. Technical discussion & the archive for several MC mailing lists. Extensive picture archive.
  • NetBikes - Lots of MC Stuff.
  • Rides & Route Sheets - A sizable collection of routes in NE & Canada.
  • BikeLinks - A sizable collection of MC related links.
  • eBay Sniping

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