Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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CL77 Chopper
  CL77 Flat Track Racer
  CP77 Softail
CB77 Chopper: Kim Gregory
Honda Dream Chopper

Vintage Choppers

• CL77 - Flat Track
• CB72 - TT Racing
• CA77 - Chopper
• Limelight
• Restorations
• Derivatives

I was taking a shortcut, looking for a new route - to double back without making the highway run.

The sun was beating down upon the dusty shrubs and the rutted dirt road. I pulled up behind an old warehouse, looked down the narrow path and froze.

There it was: sitting off to the side - a machine so foreign and so audacious and at the same time - so naturally my own.

I basked in its presence and took in all the wild and reckless possibilities. Then I suddenly came to; I made the hair on the back of my neck lay back down and reflected on the situation. The bike was stripped and abandoned. And still, such a presence!

Your reaction need not necessarily be as visceral, but let's agree: the Superhawk and Scrambler derived Choppers are such compelling beasts!

News Flash! ...this just in:

Honda Dream Choppers. No one though it was possible, but here is one which is real and super cool...

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