Honda Superhawk CB72, CB77, CP77  

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Parts Manuals

Other Literature

 Bill Silver's Motor Guide
 Bill Silver's Restoration Guide

 Shop Manual CD ROM

 Parts Manual CB72, CB77
 Parts Manual CP77, CYP77
 Parts Manual CA72/77/78
 Parts Manual CL77

 Parts Manual CL450 K0, K1

  Parts Manual - CB72/77, CP/CYP77
  Parts Manual - CB72/77, CP/CYP77

Diagrams & Part Numbers

Parts Manuals include the diagrams for every part in the bike, along with the Part Numbers.

These manuals are organized by models and include chassis number references, if part changes were introduced somewhere along the line of production.

This is the best way to identify a part when shopping and also provides a very useful insight into how the bike is actually put together.

The inset, above, lists some Parts Manuals available on CD ROM.

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