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The CB77 Sidestand Situation

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Parts Diagram - CB77
• Part Numbers  - CB77
• Parts Diagram - CL77

Perhaps I should call this "The Great Side & Centerstand Incident." This subject has been known to make the tempers flare. Accusations, recriminations and banishment from the VJMC mailing list have all been effected by this topic.

In a nutshell, someone on the VJMC discussion list declared that CB77 sidestands do not exist, citing his own lack of contact with one as definitive proof. This was countered with that many have Superhawks with either a cast iron, unplated or a chrome plated variant. The consensus seems to have evolved that the former is a factory OE option, the latter being aftermarket. Concurrently, the same scenario was played out in the content of CL72/77 Scramblers with the centerstand becoming the component of contention.

I guess I should leave it at that and let the Honda parts diagram with the accompanying part numbers lend an official perspective to this.


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